Everyone knows the Spree Woods or Dresden. However, the area in between, Lusatia, is domestically and internationally rather unknown. But Lusatia is worth at least several visits. What do we have to offer? First: Water. Lakes connected by navigable channels - huge lakes where you can swim, sail, paddle, boat or JetSki. If you do not feel like being on the water, we recommend cycling along the water. Nowhere else you will find that many well maintained, paved bike paths that lead through nature. Here, you can do camping and come with your mobile home as well as stay in luxury hotel with spa. Hiking is also possible as the Via Regia and the Way of St. James lead through Lusatia. And if you are also interested in culture, urban bustle and hustle as well as art? Welcome to Lusatia. Explore Cottbus, the town of the stagecoaches. Visit the towns of the magnificent league of six towns in Upper Lusatia. Here, more than 1000 years of history in wonderfully restored historic town centres are expected you.

You can also experience the industrial heritage of Lusatia in a spectacular way: Either by climbing the lying Eiffel Tower, or by visiting the F60 visitor mine with its view of Lake Bergheider or by visiting the more than 100-year-old "Louise". Yes, back in the day, briquette factories had such illustrious names as Louise - and hardly anyone can steam as nice as they do. A wide range of industrial culture has been prepared for the visitors. Where once coal was mined, energy was produced or briquettes were pressed, you can today admire past technology in technical monuments and ponder the working conditions of that time.

There are museums that want to be discovered as well as small sensations, that you will remember for a long time.

Did all these experiences make you hungry? Well, let's go: Try Lusatia's best dish: Linseed oil with potatoes and quark. Or rather the buckwheat pancakes that still exist here and there? Perhaps a "Kamenzer" or a Silesian "Mohnpiele" from Görlitz? And then? A digestive? We have a variety to choose from: For those who like it sweet, we recommend eggnog from Senftenberg. For the others: High-proof spirits made of local fruits from our distilleries. And that's still not all we have to offer, come and taste the culinary side of Lusatia

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